Braille and Audio Transcription Services

Do you need audio transcription? Do you need print transcribed to braille? Below you will find general information regarding my services in both of these areas and links to contact me.

Audio Transcription

Do you need a written transcript of your audio material? Perhaps the thought has never occurred to you. Here is what a transcriber can do for you.

  • Transcripts of sermons or lectures for your web site so that your content is accessible to all users
  • Verbatim transcripts of videos so that the content can be close-captioned
  • Minutes or transcripts of meetings
  • Transcripts of interviews or speeches
  • A transcriber with strong writing skills can turn your spoken content into a written document.

I provide transcripts customized to your needs. Please email for a quote and include a full description of your projecr.

I am experienced with meeting diverse transcription needs. Through years of experience as a note-taker for students with disabilities, I developed attention to detail in presentations and an ability to organize notes into readable form when speakers wander. My transcriptions of Dr. Wonder’s Workshop providing access for deaf children around the world via several television networks.

If you need someone who is especially familiar with the language of disability, psychology, biblical or theological material, education, technology, or music, contact me about transcribing for you. I am comfortable transcribing the language of non-native English speakers.

Braille Transcription

I provide braille transcription and proofreading for English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. I am willing to transcribe technical materials using CBC notation upon special request.

You will receive most efficient service if you can receive documents in embosser-ready format and do your own embossing. However, I can also ship them to you for an additional fee. (Paper costs extra.) If you provide documents, they must be in Word 2003 or later format. If using Greek or Hebrew, they must use Unicode font (e.g. Times New Roman, Gentium, Arial Unicode, etc.)

The United States has adopted the Unified English Braille Code. I am willing to transcribe in traditional literary braille format for older clients upon request. When contacting me, please specify your need for traditional or UEB format.

Please note: I do not transcribe Nemeth or music.

My rates vary based on project type. Please email me to discuss your needs.

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