שָׁלוֹם Shalom … and Welcome!

My personal mission is to empower people for spiritual growth, wellness, and life in community and service to God; to encourage them to persevere during times of struggle; and to equip them in areas of special need.

My greatest enjoyments are communicating through music and teaching the Bible, especially in its original languages. I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll browse a bit and learn more about what I do.

Language Teaching and Accessibility

I teach Hebrew courses at Anderson University School of Theology and Christian Ministry (SOTCM).. I also offer non-credit private study options for people who wish to learn Biblical languages for personal enrichment. If you are interested in learning Biblical languages, even and especially if you think you have waited too long, I hope you will visit my language teaching page. In addition to teaching Biblical languages, I devote a good amount of time to ensuring that people who are blind have access to original language texts. If you need access to Hebrew, original language texts in braille, please see information about my braille transcription services.

I was honored along with two colleagues on July 5, 2016, to receive the Jacob Bolotin award from the National Federation of the Blind. The award was given in recognition of our work on projects which increased accessibility of biblical language texts and tools for people who are blind. Hear my acceptance speech.

Much of our work was done in collaboration with David Holladay and Caryn Navy, employees of Duxbury Systems, Inc. We greatly appreciate their many hours of devotion. We are all proud of the fact that all versions of the Duxbury Braille Translator sold in 2016 have included the Biblical Original Language Studies template, which translates documents from print to braille that include multiple ancient languages as well as modern languages.

To follow my activities with regard to language accessibility, please see my language access page, which is where I post the most relevant links related to my work in this area. If you are looking for guidance on comprehensive information about accessible options for language study for use in your own seminary courses, please visit my other web site, Night-Light, which provides information about accessible study of sacred texts, information for communities of faith about including people with disabilities, and information to help families who are living with chronic illness and disability.

Ministry and Community Presentations

I am an ordained minister with the Church of God (Anderson, IN). I am available to provide Biblical teaching, preaching, or seminars on topics of special interest as well as music ministry. To learn more about what I can do for your church and hear samples of my presentations, Please visit my ministries page.

Some of my areas of research may be of interest to the community at large as well as to the scholarly community. I am particularly interested in disability and Biblical theology; the healing narratives and evangelism; poverty; disability history; the quality of health care for people with disabilities; and technology that enables people with disabilities to participate fully in work, education, and other aspects of daily life.

Please visit my presentations page to learn more about how I can assist your community organization.

A Personal Note

As you explore my site, you will learn that I live with blindness and other medical conditions. I write freely in my blog about these things. This is my way of helping the general public to understand what life with these conditions is like. It is also a way that I can help others in these circumstances to know that they can succeed. These things are not the center of my life. They affect my life as much as my height does. (By the way, I am not very tall. I own a step stool, and I am not afraid to use it.)

I have chosen to write about my everyday life amid my theological scriblings. I maintain ties to the disability community as well as the Church. I am also an unabashed cat lady, Star Trek fan, and NPR listener. Every so often, some of these things end up drifting into each other’s territory.

I live with my husband, Kevin, and our three cats. I have fond memories of 23.5 years spent living and working with a dog guide. I share my experiences with my cats and my working dogs in my blog. Many readers are especially interested in my dog guide FAQs and blog. I started writing this group of pages during my training with my fifth dog guide in 2013 and still occasionally update them. At the time of this note (Christmas, 2016), it has been two and one half years since I last held a harness. Perhaps I will again do so one day. In any case, to take down pages associated with such a long history in my life would be a betrayal of an integral part of who I am and how I came to be where I am today. Please read and enjoy.

If you would like to contact me, you may do so by sending an email.