The Cats’ Domain

My adventure as a cat parent began early in life. Like every child, I wanted a kitten. Like every parent, my parents told me that I would be responsible for feeding the kitten.

I made a valiant effort, but as often happens, my parents ended up helping me out, even going so far as to keep my cat when I went away to college. I was so heartbroken during the years without a cat that I got another one as soon as I could find an apartment that allowed cats.

This part of my site is the space decicated to my cats, because they have given me as much joy and even help as my dogs. Their stories deserve to be told, and the things I have learned about caring for them deserve to be shared.

The Cat Family

Inca, the kitten I adopted in 1996, enjoyed life as an only cat until 2003. From 2003 until 2013, my cat-family included three cats: Inca, Sable, and Sierra. Learning to appreciate their unique personalities was a great adventure.

Sable was a big cat and has an attitude to match. She likes her routines, and she is selective about the people she likes. On the surface, she fits the definition

of independent and aloof. However, she challenged me to learn to relate to cats differently from the way I always have. I’ve had a little fun with my learning

process. Sable started a blog to poke a little fun at how much difficulty I’ve had in learning to relate to her, and at all the awful things I’ve asked her to do

that are too much like the typical snuggly cat. Read the musings of the fat cat.

All three cats went to their fur-ever play space within one year. This is one of the hardest periods of my life. Losing furry companions is not for sissies!

The New Cat Family

Our current cat family includes two black cats, Angel and Jade, and one multi-colored cat, Kira. This new family of cats relates to each other differently, and we are learning all kinds of new things from them. There are rarely dull moments in the three-kitty house.

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